Access to communities

Entrepreneurs tend to help each other out, so joining one of the following communities is the way to go to boost your startup.

Overview Startup Communities

Are you looking for a workplace or a location for a meeting? There are a lot of great places in Utrecht region where you can go! Here’s an overview, and don’t forget to come back. We will be adding new places soon. And let us know if any place is missing.

Workplaces and workhubs

The business goes on 24/7. So where can you install yourself and make your propositions or meet your customers? And where can you can get the maximum out of your business and grow fast? Both in the city of Utrecht and in and around the city of Amersfoort you can find suitable workplaces and workhubs.

Utrecht workplaces in the spotlight


One of many benefits of joining an accelerator programme is the access it provides to launching customers. In Utrecht, we have various accelerator programmes and incubators.

StartUP, Scale-Up, MeetUP!

Every few months Startup Utrecht Region organizes meet-ups. The events are for everyone who enjoys networking and having a beer. It’s for all founders of startups and scale-ups. To get an overview of the other relevant events out there, go the event page and check out your next event!