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Welcome to the overview of Startup communities in the Utrecht region. Are you looking for a workplace or a meeting place? As a startup or scale-up, you can go to these places in the Utrecht region. Have a look down below and let us know if any place is missing.


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Creative Valley

Different types of companies and people create an interesting dynamic in the building, and that is exactly what we want and therefore stimulate. You will meet all kinds of people here, but they have a few things in common. They are all looking for creativity and inspiration to do their job as well as possible. Our goal, and at the same time characteristics of Creative Valley, is to ensure that residents enjoy coming to work, feel at home and are completely unburdened. And we have the best lunch in Utrecht, really. Address: Stationsplein 32, Utrecht

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Dotslash Utrecht

The scale-up campus in Utrecht for ambitious entrepreneurs. Our community consists of an interesting mix of startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and partners in unique playfully designed multi-company buildings with a spacious green outside area. Find the partners for your growth ambition in our community. Address: Europalaan 100+400, Utrecht

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Dutch Game Garden

Dutch Game Garden has been the community hub for the game industry for over a decade. Every month a hundred attendess join our Network Lunch to meet other professionals. By providing affordable studio space in our business center, we connect gaming studios with an expanding network of industry professionals. Address: Europalaan 400-1, Utrecht

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Many entrepreneurs who like to do meaningful work, in different branches. From financial advice, sustainability, learning and development, career coaching to realationship coaching. A wide field of expertise, but many do in buiness service. Address: Maliebaan 45, Utrecht

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Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM)

JIM is an open workspace or scale-ups that focus on the themes of Healthy Urban Living. JIM is divided into a zone for branded spaces, where scale-ups from 8 people have their own open workplace. JIM also has a flex zone, here the freelancer or statup has a flex desk. The majority of the companies at JIM focus on health themes, so the public that comes to JIM is also mainly concerned with this theme. Address: Jaarbeursplein 6, Utrecht

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La Vie Utrecht | ING & De Stadstuin

You are welcome here to work or to meet up and meet other enterprising people. Do you want to spar? Or have a nice lunch! Gain knowledge and inspiration or network during an event. Such as a workshop, sitting pit discussion or advice from an expert. A place with and for entrepreneurs. Address: Lange Viestraat 1, Utrecht

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Seats2Meet Utrecht

At our location you will encounter a reflection of society. Anyone who wants to work outside their home is welcome in our work spaces. Meetings take place in our meeting spaces. Independent professionals, government, non-profit organizations, we help everyone and enter into discussions where we can strengthen each other. Address: Moreelsepark 65, Utrecht

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Social Impact Factory

Social entrepreneurship is key. Working on answering social issues on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals. The location offers meeting rooms, (flexible) workplaces and facilitates events. SIF also has a rich network of members and partners, locally and nationally. Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht

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Stadstuin | Europalaan 20

The place where it all started! The first Stadstuin location. With more than 100 different entrepreneurs, this former UWV building has given new life. Where beautiful things arise. Feel at home in the living room of the bar. The pleasant welcome means that you can relax, eat and have a drink. Address: Europalaan 20, Utrecht

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Stadstuin | Europalaan 500

A lively and inspring city garden in a robust complex. In addition to creative entrepreneurs, such as an illustrator and designer, you will also find law firms, startups and consultants here. The best coffee from Dagger Coffee every day and a warm welcome! Address: Europalaan 500, Utrecht

Stadstuin | Jin Jersey

Jin Jersey on Vrieslantlaan in Utrecht was built in the 1960s as a jersey and tricotage factory. It is a building with two faces, from the outside it looks like and old office building, and as soon as you step inside you see a colorful explosion! Address: Vrieslantlaan 6, Utrecht

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Stadstuin | Kaap Hoorndreef

The City Garden Kaaphoorn is hidden in Overvecht. Where you can come together in an unexpected place. Once you enter this black tower with gold-shuttered windows you will find a large cozy stew of creativity, inspiration and posibilities for your gathering. The City Garden Kaaphoorn really gets you going. Address: Kaap Hoorndreef 66, Utrecht

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Stadstuin | Werkspoorfabriek

The Stadstuin Werkspoorfabriek is an imposing redeveloped industrial warehouse with a length of 175 meters. You can choose a fully catered meeting location or feel free to create your own unique event. A location suitable for the autonomous event planner and the starting entrepreneur. Address: Schaverijstraat 11, Utrecht.

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From freelancers to multinationals from different sectors. Our location is a 5-minute walk from the Central Station. Every Tribes location looks different. Inspired by a Nomadic tribe. Address: Leidseveer 2-10, Utrecht

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It is a large building with many facilities, in which approximately 25 companies are located. There are also sole propietorships whit permanent or flex workstations. The approach is to promote and support sustainable entrepreneurship within Utrecht. Address: 2e Daalsedijk 6A, Utrecht

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Software based highly scaleable tech startups. Ecosystem specialises in HealthTech, EdTech, SustainabilityTech, and highly scaleable software propositions. Address: Padualaan 8, Utrecht

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De Nieuwe Stad Flexplek

Within The Nieuwe Stad area, De Nieuwe Stad flex desk is a location with 11 meeting rooms and approximately 80 workplaces ranging from basic to luxury. You can easily book via an app - without a subscription - from half a day. From freelancers to SMEs and (groups of) employees or larger organizations: visitors are diverse. Address: Oliemolenhof 18A, Amersfoort

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Grytte Bloemenheuvel

You see many entrepreneurs here who like to do meaningful work, in different branches. Healthcare, financial advice, leadership, communication specialists, journalist, legal.

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