Where to find IT-staff?

One of the biggest challenges for startups is to find the right IT-staff. Startup Utrecht Region has identified several interesting opportunities for startups that are looking for IT-talent.

U-TECH community

With the U-TECH community, we are building a network of ambitious entrepreneurs, government and educators who are working together to eliminate the mismatch between supply and demand of IT talent in the Utrecht region. The U-TECH community focuses on solving labor market and digital transformation issues in the areas of mobility, energy transition, health and digitalization.

We connect the dots between concrete projects aimed at recruitment, training, development and retention of ICT talent in four program lines: Work to Work, Back to work, Training to work, and Strengthening entrepreneurship.

We would also like to work with you. Feel free to get in touch!

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There are currently 90.000 vacancies in IT. How to find IT talent as a startup? There are also 25.000 unemployed people at home that have done something in IT. Next to this there are 6.000 MBO students who graduate yearly. But: whereas 94% of all open IT vacancies are HBO+, half of the unemployed population doesn’t have an HBO or WO-diploma.

To solve this gap, NOVI organises bootcamps according to the principle: ‘hire on character, train on skills’. At the end of the 4 months intensive bootcamp the participants are junior ethical hacker, full stack developer or data engineer.

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ITvitae specializes in training, coaching and mediating IT specialists with autism and gifted people. The majority of the students previously dropped out of mainstream education, despite their above-average intelligence. ITvitae offers them perspective. In small lesson groups, the students in Amersfoort work on their specialization cyber security, software development or data science. More than 90% pass and are mediated in a sustainable manner as an IT professional with employers throughout the Netherlands, including several startups.

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