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Make sure to join one or more workshops during Crossroads 2023! yYou have more than 10 different topics to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

Detailed information about workshops at Crossroads 2023

Maximise your Marketing Efforts with Growth Hacking (12:30-13:15h)

Join us as our Growth Marketing expert, Tarek Reslan shares the best tips and tricks to optimize your marketing efforts like never before!

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of growth hacking, where innovation meets data-driven strategies! Tarek will reveal cutting-edge techniques and demonstrate how to experiment rapidly, think outside the box, and achieve scalable growth for your business.

This is your chance to revolutionize your marketing game plan and take it to the next level! Don't miss out on this high-energy session with Tarek Reslan, who will equip you with actionable insights and real-world examples that will supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Tech Talent: where are they hiding? (14:45-15:30h)

Are you also looking for developers, programmers, cyber security specialists, cloud specialists or other IT specialists? Those are hard to find right now, aren't they? Especially for you as a startup or scale-up! Where do you find good people? How do you entice them to come and work for you? If you keep fishing in the same pond you won't get there. In this workshop we give you tips to look differently, and in other places. And you will work on your own plan to win over IT talent!

“In good times and in bad: why Company Founders should have a shareholders agreement” (12:30-13:15h)

At the start of a new business (or of a next step within the business), company founders are faced with many challenges and usually busy with managing the operations. The legal side of their cooperation may not be a priority and company founders do often (preferably) not concern themselves with recording legal agreements about everything that could go wrong (or right) between them. This is, however, important, because a good shareholders agreement aligns expectations, promotes good governance and can prevent conflicts.

In this workshop by two experienced M&A lawyers, we will explain the importance of a good shareholders agreement and its relationship to the company’s articles of association. We’ll also take you through the most important topics that can be dealt with in the shareholders agreement, such as the company’s business plan and objectives, respective roles and responsibilities, funding, voting arrangements (and how to deal with deadlock situations), what happens when a founder leaves (or is forced to leave) the company, etc.

Grants for innovative Dutch SMEs (10:00-12:00h)

In this workshop, we will dive into the landscape of national and European funding for R&D intensive SMEs. SMEs (including start-ups and scale-ups) can be eligible for different types of grants and tax facilities, which are available for many types of activities (e.g., R&D, education, and sustainable investments). Due to the diverse offer, entrepreneurs can find it hard to find the right fit for their company. Therefore, we will provide you with the tools to make this fit, and share insights that will help you to produce competitive proposals and effectively use grants and tax facilities as part of your R&D financing.

Mastering Growth Projections: Building a Realistic Financial Forecast for Investors (13:30-17:00h)

During this workshop, you will collaborate with an innovation expert to craft a growth plan for your startup. The workshop consists of three parts:

1. Roadmap: In this segment, you will learn how to set clear and measurable goals for the expansion of your startup. We will explore different methods to gradually work towards achieving these goals.
2. Growth model: In this phase, we will teach you how to translate your defined goals into growth scenarios. We will also determine the annual revenue your startup needs to generate in order to reach your objectives.
3. Financial projection: Lastly, you will gain insights into converting growth scenarios into a financial forecast. This forecast will provide a month-to-month overview of expected revenue, expenses, profits, and losses for your startup.

By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a tailored financial model specifically designed for your startup!

"Equity Incentive Plans for employees: what are the common types and best practices?" (10:15-11:00h)

If you have ambitions for growth, you need a winning team. A financial incentive plan based on company shares can be a great tool for motivating employees. Yet, it also can be complex. In this 45-minute workshop, we will summarize for you the common methods and use cases. You will learn the difference between schemes such as e.g. stock options, stock certificates and virtual shares, and we will share many best practices - in clear language!

How to negotiate a termsheet? (13:45-14:30h)

What is your startup worth? If you are in conversations with an investor, a term sheet is one of the tricky parts. How do you determine your valuation? How hard do you negotiate? Maaike Kamps from VB&K will host this workshop, teaching you the ropes on how to get the best results out of your termsheet negotiation including 5 tricky clauses you need to be aware of! Don’t miss this and learn clever ways to bent the terms and conditions to your (mutual) benefit.

Do you have an IP strategy? (10:15-11:00h)

It is wise to think about IP rights at an early stage. In both the short and long term, IP rights can make the difference for your company to: Innovate Invest Internationalize Dynion Bakker (Intellectual Property advisors at the Netherlands Patent Office (RVO)) and Arjan van der Maarl (Gemeas Patents), will take you through the common rights and forms of protection. After this presentation you will know in which ways you can protect your creative idea, invention, software or brand and what is involved.

Mirror mirror on the wall: do I have the best culture of them all? How your leadership reflects on your company culture (13:45-14:30h)

"Welcome to our engaging workshop on 'how your leadership reflects on your company culture.' Have you ever wondered how your leadership style influences your organization's culture? Join us as we explore the powerful connection between leadership and culture, and discover the eye-opening concept of 'looking in the mirror.'

Throughout this interactive session, we'll delve into the profound relationship between effective leadership and the overall culture within your company. By understanding how every aspect of your organization reflects back on you, we'll equip you with actionable insights and strategies to foster a positive and thriving work environment. Creating an inspiring company culture doesn’t have to be expensive…you just need to look in the mirror 🪞

Get ready to confront yourself, gain valuable perspectives, and walk away with practical steps you can implement immediately to shape a stronger and more impactful leadership approach. Are you ready to transform your company culture and create a brighter future? Let's embark on this transformative journey together!": What is the low-hanging fruit that can have a lot of impact on your culture that you can work with in your company

Unlock your potential: AI's impact on online marketing and the efficiency of your organization (15:00-15:45h)

Join our transformative masterclass and unlock the potential of AI in online marketing and the efficiency of your organization. Discover how AI technologies enhance efficiency, empower data-driven decision-making, and drive exceptional content for your organizations online marketing. Don't miss this opportunity to harness the power of AI and maximize the efficiency of your online marketing endeavors.

Business Continuity Hazzard including cyber risks (16:15-17:00h)

What risks threaten business continuity for startups and scale ups and what can they do about them to manage them? Find out during this 45-minute workshop by Rik Bulthuis and Gerard Eisma from Rabobank.

Valuation 101: What is my company worth and how do you determine it? (13:45-14:30h)

Are you curious about what your early stage company is worth? Has a party approached you to invest in, or acquire, your company? Do you want to offer shares to your key employees, and want to know what a market-based price is?

Learn how different parties look at business valuation. For example, a VC looks at a valuation very differently than a corporate. There is also a difference between how different financial investors (PE, VCs and angels) evaluate your company.

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